• Telnarus

    A millenia ago Telnarus was home to an Ancient race. When the planet was no longer useful, the Ancients moved to a new galaxy. They chose the Aratti, a nobel species native to Telanrus to become the planets new Guardians. With the Ancients gone Telnarus is now up for the taking. The Aratti's purpose will be tested through the great coming crusades that will cover the planet in blood and darkness. These are The Battles of Telnarus.

    Map of Telnarus

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  • The Battles of Telnarus

    First Great War

    The Aratti are the Guardians of Telnarus, so created for that purpose by the mighty and mysterious Ancients. They are benevolent guardians and are amiable to all on the planet. So it was only reasonable for them to greet the new race that appeared from one of the many portals on the planet with the same care and respect they show every other race they knew. The requisite greeting party was never heard from again, neither was the heavily guarded scouting party that went to investigate.

    Eventually the first of the Aratti, High Lord Falumir, lead a huge contingent of troops towards the portal in question, but before they could arrive they noticed plumes of smoke coming from an established Gem-Ru trading post. Protection being their highest priority the group rushed to see if they could help only to find many Gem-Ru slain, and others being held in rudimentary cages while huge, battle scarred lizard like folk slithered in and out of the underground storage facilities loading carts to be hauled away. The ensuing battle took many lives, the hordes of lizardfolk never seeming to stem, during the battle Lord Falumir lost one of his limbs up to the elbow, yet for ever Aratti that fell 20 lizardfolk did and eventualy the day was theirs. When freed, the remaining Gem-Ru told the Guardians that the lizard creatures came out of the forest from the direction of the portal that Falumir had been heading, and that they had killed without mercy at first only rounding up the few remaining unharmed survivors for an unknown purpose.

    Their weapons had been crude but that would have been easily remedied, as evidenced by the particular metals, which had been loaded onto the carts. With this information Falumir returned to the Aratti capital and with his damaged protectors declared that a new and numerous threat to the well being of all Telnarus had arrived. Those were the first days of the First Great War

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