The Aratti "Guardians of Telnarus"

Strong people of the land, they are the Guardians of Telnarus. Having the planet placed in their care by the Ancients, a millennia ago, they strive to be an example to all living creatures of Telnarus. With the use of their age old skills they defend Telnarus from any threat, though they have not yet faced one so dire. The war may wage on but their sense of duty keeps them standing firm against the tide of the dreaded Doru.

The Aratti are split into two castes: the much larger and stronger Denotus, physical defenders and laborers of their people and the Elivary, the stouter yet deceptively intelligent members of their species. Hard at work, the Denotus toil in the fields and tree mines to supply the Aratti war machine by obtaining food and materials for use in the crafting of their weapons. The Elivary however content themselves with planning assaults as well as defenses for themselves and the other races of Telnarus, Enchanting the weapons and armor required for war, and other methods to slow down the terrible and sudden destructive force that the Doru represent.

Normally a peaceful race, with only perfunctory defensive duties, the Aratti were not entirely ready for a war of such magnitude. However they adapted quickly and though many warriors fell, many more became hardened through the trials and tribulations of such a devastating war.

Such responsibility on their shoulders lead to the development of new battle strategies, sometimes armoring their strongest warriors head to toe in the hardest materials to act as juggernauts on the battlefield, allowing their marksmen to fire with impunity. Other methods included using their adept skills to take down foes inches away from allies in the thick of battle, or using their environmental advantages to drop from the skies on their foes or spring up from heavy brush, decimate their foes and quickly retreat into the dense forests and trees.

Elion - Prince of the Silver Crested Tribe

Though the tide of enemies is great, the defenders of Telnarus do not fall. They retain their strength for those who have none and require their aid.

"The war will be won, to the last Aratti soul."

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