The Doru "Evil of the Universe"

The savages of the galaxy, the Doru represent the evil of the universe. Using their strong yet agile reptilian bodies, they easily overcome their enemies through their overwhelming numbers. Originally a mindless herd, the influence, and manipulation of the Ancient Evil have transformed these creatures into a force to be feared. Gathering around the temples of their Dark leaders, the Doru battle toward goals set forth by their dark masters.

The modern Doru race did not exist until The Awakening. Before that time the Doru were a growing power, with war and battle consuming their culture. They were not particularly smart or clever. They did not invent fire to cook food, but to burn down homes and forests. What they lacked in cerebral power they made up for in numbers and might. Through a long bloody war, influenced by the dark lord, the Doru eventually overran and enslaved the Gravrons who were the guardians of their home planet Gravrik.The reptilian Doru are large and ferocious creatures. Most Doru are capable of rending through armor with their bare claws, and their large jaws are capable of

biting through most leathers. They do employ the use of basic weaponry, such as swords and axes. The more elaborate weaponry is saved for the devout followers of the Evil Ancients granted to them.

Doru are largely influenced by their faith. While the Evil Ancients have a stranglehold on their evolution, their subtle prompts have only exposed the Doru’s natural affinity for blood and war. Nearly all Doru pay tribute to their evil god, albeit in different ways.

In their natural state, the Doru were never intended to be the galactic force that they now are. A simple, war-like race, with no aspirations for the stars, other than a light provided to stalk prey.

The awakening of the Evil Manifestation in the galaxy heralded a new chapter and destiny for the reptilian Doru. Some believe that this change came because of the great imbalance of light in the galaxy. Good had prevailed for too long, and the forces of light had awoken an evil. This evil, which formed from origins unknown, drove into the doru race. All of the fear, pain, and chaos in the universe had fueled the Darkness for long enough, and it was ready to spread. Shortly after this force awoke the doru began to change. Their minds were set on determined goals. They were given a purpose and were given the resources to pursue this purpose.

The Doru had easily malleable minds and a natural affinity for battle. They made for the perfect vessels for it to accomplish its needs. Once the Evil force took hold of the Doru, they overran the Guardian race of Gravrik and commandeered the planet’s Ancient Portal. Using this portal, the Evil Ancients began to send the Doru through to populate, overrun, and conquer other planets. These six planets soon became a home for the different manifestations of the Dark Lord. Soon after, they began to send armies through to Telnarus.

"Evil will triumph once again"

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